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About ROb

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Train Like an Athlete

Rob has helped transform countless people from popstars to mums, athletes to weekend warriors.

His training system blends power and energy development with mobility. It helps sharpen reactions to improve decision making.

You don't need to be an athlete to train like one.

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Rob passionately believes that fitness should be accessible to everybody.

His sustainable and educated approach is underpinned by his mantra 'The human skeleton is designed to last 110 years. What you do with it counts."

He believes looking good should be a by product of your training and the focus should be performance, learning new skills and having fun.

Rob Solly Class


Rob has travelled extensively to be tutored by some of the greatest sports & fitness coaches in the world.

He was the first UK trainer to be certified in Biomechanics and Human Movement Level 1 & 2 by DBC in Miami. He's also a Performance Specialist with EXOS, the worlds leading Human Performance company.

Rob is a lifelong Martial Artist having studied Taekwondo (where he holds a third degree black belt), MMA, Boxing & BJJ.

What Others Have to Say


Olly Murs

Rob's been part of my team now for 4 years. In that time he's motivated me and got me fitter than I've ever been for 3 Arena tours. he definetly gets the best out of

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me, is incredibly good at what he does and I'd take him on any future tours in a heartbeat.



Rob Solly is the BEST trainer I've ever worked with. I absolutely love fitness, & Rob trains me based on what my mind & body needs. He never did an 8 or 12 week

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speed plan with me knowing I'm hard on myself & would look at negatives if I didn't hit a certain target in time, his

idea was to train for health & fitness to be part of my lifestyle. Learning skills in how to keep yourself fit & healthy as your life grows & develops. Feeling my most focused right now. It's a big year and my body's ready for it. Thanks Rob.


Paloma Faith

Rob's methods of training are not one dimensional. He takes into consideration the person and their own needs. I lose attention quickly so every session with him was

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different and he constantly keeps me on my toes.

I had intended just to use him for the rehab, but now he’s a permanent fixture in my life. I know he cares about what he does and researches new met

hods of training all the time to help me stay on top of what is a very high pressured job, both mentally and physically.

I wouldn’t have been able to transform back into the body I had without him and I wouldn’t be as sane if I didn’t see him either!


Scott mills

Rob is the nuts. After the training sessions I feel amazing, every time. It helps clear my mind if I've got a million things going on. And it makes my show better

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- I'm convinced of it. Sometimes in the morning I'll feel lethargic & he puts me in the zone immediately. My mind is sharper. I think of better ideas.


Emma Willis

The main man Rob Solly. Rob is brilliant at everything to do with training, flexibility and making yourself feel good. Rob's been my trainer for 5 years & many years to come.

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Matt Willis

Love training with you Rob. Can't express how incredible your teaching is Rob. Your knowledge is off the scale.

Elite Training For Everyone



Fitness can be felt through every aspect of our lives. We feel, look, sleep, perform better as a result of fitness. Fitness is such a broad term but Rob's job is to utilise his knowledge to optimise your fitness and well-being



Rob's training is more than about the HOW. He empowers his clientele to understand the WHY they train the way they do. Presently Rob is studying sleep in hope that he can learn its benefits and apply tips to help others sleep better. Nutrition is of keen interest to rob and he regularly attends seminars and workshops to find out, test and question the latest trends and information.



Rob is immersed in the world of mental fortitiude, helping guide people to overcome physical and mental problems via an educated, immersive and sustainable approach. You should know your coach/trainer cares and you can feel this quality during Robs sessions.

you optimised

What does training with rob encompass


Improved athletic ability

Preventing injury

  • Move better

  • Achieve more

  • Learn about your body

  • Go to your next level


Resolving Pain


  • Unlockyour potential

  • Use sports programming

  • Completely bespoke to your body from a coach who knows

  • Invest in yourself


Gaining strength

Bespoke to your body

  • Tune your engine with coach qualified in mechanics

  • Vast resource of experience to apply exercises whatever your situation

  • Enjoyable communication with someone that cares

  • Train with the best

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