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 Understand this is not an ordinary online training plan; this is a personalised & reactive program highly tailored to you via the Morpheus app & heart rate monitor. This will optimise your performance & recovery and allow for effective programming, structure & accountability.


Whats Included

  • Morpheus Heart Rate Monitor: Precision in every beat, ensuring your fitness matches your workouts.

  • Lifelong Access to Morpheus App: Morpheus turns your lifestyle & recovery data into targeted training zones.

  • 44 Reactive & Bespoke Training Sessions: Tailored workouts designed to respond to your progress and goals.

  • 21 Guided Breath Work Sessions: Master your breath for enhanced performance and well-being.

  • Full Personalised Nutritional Plan: Macros included, because one-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it.

  • Access to a library of exercise tutorials made exclusively for BTL clients

  • 3 Fitness Tests: Track your evolution, celebrating milestones along the way.

  • Supplement Shopping List: Effortless guidance for boosting your progress.

  • Next-Day Session Delivery: Complete today’s session, wake up to tomorrow’s plan in your inbox.

  • FaceTime Onboarding with Rob: A personal welcome to kickstart your transformative journey.

  • WhatsApp Communication: Swift responses within a day, ensuring you’re always supported.

What We Need from You 

  • Access to a Gym or Home Gym: Some weights & access to a piece of conditioning equipment (rower, bike or run)

  • Commitment to 3-6 Sessions Weekly

  • Reach Out for Clarifications: Questions or uncertainties? We’re here for you—never hesitate to ask.


What people say about the program

"Built to Last transformed my workouts into purpose-driven missions, ensuring every gym session propelled me closer to my ultimate goal. No more guess work—every move was targeted and specific. The result? Unbelievable energy levels, surpassing all expectations. At 40, facing the toughest tour of my life, I felt more alive, agile, and energetic than ever before. Audiences noticed the difference—I never missed a beat, leaving breathlessness behind. Built to Last redefined my fitness journey, making every moment on stage feel like a vibrant, age-defying performance."

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